The Hercules Ice Hockey Apparel  sponsored Solway Sharks welcomed The Raiders to the Shark Tank, Calum Hepburn as the starting netminder for the Saturday night clash.

Sharks strike twice but Raiders get one back!!

Both teams were quick out of the gate and generated opportunities, but Calum Hepburn had to be on his toes as he had to make two outstanding saves to prevent raiders from gaining the lead in the Shark Tank.

John Dunbar did some fantastic work in the offensive zone, finding Olivier Arseneau to set up Stuart Kerr, who fired a rocket into the net to put the Sharks up 1-0.

After Sharks Lewis Young was penalised for tripping, the Raiders went on the powerplay and had multiple chances to equalise but couldn’t get the puck in the net.

With Lewis Young entering the box, the Sharks were once again at full strength. Thanks to some deft work from Liam Stenton and John Dunbar, Young was left alone to send the puck into the net and give the Sharks a 2-0 lead.

Both teams went to create and put their bodies on the line to stop the pucks, and both netminders held firm.

Craig Peacock was given a penalty for tripping as the first was coming to a close, and Raiders immediately scored on the Sharks’ penalty kill through Jake Sylvester’s wrist shot to make it 2-1.

Raiders come back but then so do Sharks.

In the first five minutes of the game, after both teams had re-entered the ice, opportunities were made by both teams. It was the Raiders who scored that goal, bringing the score to 2-2. For the Raiders, Nick Leyer was the scorer.

Both teams played fast and loose with the puck, creating numerous chances at both ends of the rink. The Sharks went on the powerplay and tried to take the lead, which they accomplished with a goal by Nolan Gardiner with a Mason Alderson assist to make it 3-2.

The period included end-to-end chances, amazing stops from both goalies, a triple save from Calum Hepburn, and some angry post-whistle exchanges between the two sides at the Shark Tank.

Sharks take the win at the Shark Tank!!

The Raiders started the period trying to score the tying goal. They kept up the pressure and made some beautiful plays, but the Sharks scored next on a goal from John Dunbar and an assist from Kieran Hair.

With the score at 4-2 and 14 minutes remaining in the game, both teams were striving for the next goal, and it was the Sharks who earned goal number five with a goal for Liam Stenton and an assist from Stuart Kerr.

The game included chances for both teams as well as a few hard hits, but the Sharks emerged victorious and took the two points at the Shark Tank!!

Sharks MoM – Calum Hepburn
Raiders MoM – Jake Sylvester