Why become a Sponsor


Why Sponsor

Thank you for taking this opportunity to find out more information on how you can catapult your businesses brand through the sponsorship of the Solway Sharks.

Ice Hockey is currently the fastest indoor team sport in the country and is recognised as entertainment for all the family which offers end to end excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the unique things about partnering with a professional sports team is our loyal fans base.

Fans love their team, and their passion resonates throughout and becomes infectious to all they meet. When capturing any type of information about their team, these loyal people become emotional, which creates them to become more absorbent to the information and more importantly the brands we present to them.

With passion also comes trust in their team, and as a sponsor you will be taking advantage of the opportunity for The Solway Sharks and their players to endorse your brand and products.


Benefits of being a sponsor

Our fan base is a broad range of supporters across age groups and roughly evenly split between genders.

Our regional presence is strong, with 150k people in the area of Dumfries and over 2M within a 60 min drive of Dumfries Ice Bowl. You can expect great coverage for your brand in a catchment area which includes Carlisle, Ayr, Glasgow, Penrith, Hawick and across into Edinburgh.

We have a range of options to maximise your brand’s exposure to our fanbase, including Kit Branding, Advertising Boards, Players, Matches and Digital.


Sponsorship in Numbers

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