The Hercules Ice Hockey Apparel sponsored Solway Sharks welcomed The Bees to the Shark Tank, opting with Calum Hepburn as the starting netminder for the Saturday night clash.

The Bees strike twice to take advantage at the Shark Tank!

Both teams had a solid start to the first period, creating chances at both ends, but the Bees capitalised after Struan Tonnar was given a misconduct penalty for hooking and went on to score on the power play with a goal from Dominik Gabj assisted by Marcel Balaz.

The Sharks were stung conceding that goal but looked to push back with a powerplay of their own but Ross Connolly couldn’t get it to the net to get an equaliser. It was the Bees who got the second goal of the night with a goal from Liam Morris to take a two goal advantage into the break.

Both teams’ teams failed to score in the second period despite having plenty of possession of the puck, as nobody could get the puck past goalies Calum Hepburn and Brython Preece.

Sharks fight back but it’s the Bees with the win!

The Bees had a two-goal lead going into the third period, but the Sharks had two penalties called against them and were on 5 on 3 within the opening few minutes of the third period. Marcel Balaz scored on the powerplay to give the Bees their third goal of the period.

The officials made calls for both teams as the Bees sought to protect their advantage and the Sharks sought to score their first goal.

The Sharks continued to create chances, and their perseverance resulted in an opening goal and a 1-3 tie in the third period, with Liam Stenton and Scott Henderson assisting Nolan Gardiner to score.  

As the Sharks continued to press for another goal, it was the Bees who scored the evening’s fourth goal by Brendan Baird and secured the two points at the Shark Tank.

Sharks MoM – Nolan Gardiner

Bees MoM – Marcel Balaz