The Hercules Ice Hockey Apparel sponsored Solway Sharks welcomed the Bristol Pitbulls to the Shark Tank on Sunday afternoon, with Calum Hepburn starting in net and Curtis Warburton on the bench for the Sharks.

Pitbulls score but the Sharks bite back!!

Both teams had chances early in the game, but it was the Bristol Pitbulls who got the lead with a goal from Elliott Lewis. The Sharks generated chance after chance, but Pitbulls goalie Ben Norton was equal to it, but then the Sharks  equalise with John Dunbar.

Pitbulls hit three in the second period but Sharks get one back!!

The period began at a furious tempo, and the next goal came swiftly in the second period, with a goal for the Bristol Pitbulls, this time scored by Brennan Feasey for the Pitbulls’ second goal. The third goal of the game was scored by Bayley Harewood, who doubled the lead at the Dumfries Ice Bowl.

It was a fourth goal for the Pitbulls on the powerplay, and it was Brennan Feasey’s second goal of the game as the Pitbulls extended their lead in the second period. As they attempted to mount a comeback, the Sharks got a goal from Lewis Young, their second of the game.

Pitbulls take the two points in the Shark Tank!!

Curtis Warburton came in for the Sharks at the start of the third period, and he was beaten early in the period following Brennan Feasey’s third goal of the game at the Shark Tank.

The Sharks generated chances as they sought the next goal, but couldn’t reach the back of the net as the game entered its last ten minutes. The Pitbulls scored the sixth goal, with Brennan Feasey scoring his fourth.

Nolan Gardiner scored the Sharks’ third goal of the game. Adam Harding scored the Pitbulls’ seventh goal of the night, but Connor Henderson scored the Sharks’ fourth as the Pitbulls took the two points on Sunday Afternoon with a 4-7 win.