The Hercules sponsored Solway Sharks welcomed Leeds Knights to the Shark Tank, opting with Curtis Warburton as the starting netminder for the Saturday night clash.

Sharks start strong in the Shark Tank

It was frantic pace start to the game by the Sharks, creating opportunities and testing Knight netminder Sam Gospel. Bringing the intensity whilst the Sharks fans were in full voice at the Shark Tank!

As the pressure increased, the Sharks capitalised by scoring through Nolan Gardiner after outstanding work from Mason Alderson.

Goal, goal and goal!!

Both teams started the second period brightly, creating chances and both netminders being relied upon to deal with everything that was thrown at them. It was end-to-end action, with both teams vying for the next goal.

Leeds Knights tied the game on the powerplay with a goal from Matt Barron, who was assisted by Josh Adkins and Matt Haywood. The Knights then took the lead with another powerplay goal, this time from Finn Brandon, who scored after collecting the puck from Oli Endicott.

As the period came to a close, the Sharks had one last chance, and it was John Dunbar and Craig Peacock who found Liam Stenton, who tied the score with a wrap around.

Four goals scored in the final period!

The third period began once more quickly and end-to-end, with both netminders being put to the test and making saves to keep the score tied. The Knights then scored three unanswered goals with Jordan Griffin and two goals from Knights Captain Kieron Brown.

The Sharks struck next, with John Dunbar finding Liam Stenton, who placed it past Sam Gospel to make it a two-goal game and Liam’s second goal of the evening.

Curtis Warburton went to the bench in the closing few minutes of the game in an attempt to score with an extra skater out. But Mac Howlett’s got an empty net goal to give Leeds Knights a sixth goal.

Solway Sharks MoM – Liam Stenton

Leeds Knights MoM – Jordan Griffin

Photo credit : David Yule Photography