The Hercules Ice Hockey Apparel sponsored Solway Sharks welcomed Sheffield Steeldogs to the Shark Tank, Curtis Warburton as the starting netminder for some Saturday Night Hockey at the Shark Tank.

Steeldogs score three in the 1st period!!

Both teams started strong and created chances, and the Sharks had an early powerplay but were unable to score with it. Matt Bissonnette scored the first goal of the evening as the Steeldogs returned to full strength.

After grabbing the lead, it was another goal for the Steeldogs, their second of the evening, with Brady Doxey getting the second goal. As the first period drew to an end, the Sharks had a couple chances to score, but Dmitri Zimozdra and the cross bar stopped them.

With fifteen seconds left in the period, Vlad Vulkanovs gave the Steeldogs their third goal.

Sharks get on the scoresheet but Steeldogs bite back!!

Both teams had chances, and Curtis Warburton had to stay alert as the Steeldogs put pressure on the Sharks goal. The Sharks scored their first goal, which was scored by Kieran Hair, who poked the puck into the net and past Dmitri Zimozdra.

The Steeldogs added a fourth goal, and Vlad Vulkanovs scored his second goal of the game, restoring the Steeldogs’ three-goal lead. Following that goal, the Steeldogs added another in the waning minutes of the second period, this time from James Spurr.

Steeldogs take the two points at the Shark Tank after Sharks almost mount comeback!!

The Steeldogs score their sixth goal of the evening with Brady Doxey’s second goal of the game. In the final fifteen minutes of the game, Curtis Warburton was replaced in the Sharks net by Calum Hepburn.

Jason Hewitt scored the Steeldogs’ seventh goal. The Sharks scored a powerplay goal in the closing ten minutes, and John Dunbar was on the scoresheet.

As fast as the Sharks scored, they added a third goal, this time from Lewis Houston. The Sharks, bolstered by those goals, hoped to cap the evening on a high note in front of a noisy packed Shark Tank.

The Sharks scored their fourth goal of the night on a five-minute powerplay. Mason Alderson scored for the Sharks. The Sharks capitalised on another opportunity, as Nolan Gardiner scored their fifth goal of the night.

In the last twenty seconds of the game, the Sharks made it a one-goal game, with John Dunbar scoring after the Sharks pulled Calum Hepburn to have the extra skater on the ice!

Sharks MoM – Olivier Arseneau

Steeldogs MoM – Dmitri Zimozdra