The Solway Sharks, sponsored by Hercules Ice Hockey Apparel, welcomed the Bespoke Guardians Swindon Wildcats back to the Shark Tank. For the second game of the weekend double header at the Shark Tank, Curtis Warburton got the start in goal.

A five goal haul in the 1st period in the Shark Tank!!

After last night’s game concluded in a win for the Wildcats as they won at the Dumfries Ice Bowl 4-8 and claimed the two points, both teams were eager for points and started strong with plenty of time on the puck and creating opportunities.

Balint Pakozdi’s goal in the first quarter gave the Wildcats the lead, and Sam Godfrey’s assist made it 0-1. The Sharks had some penalty kill time, but the Wildcats were unable to get another. When the game went back to five on five, Nolan Gardiner scored with help from Scott Henderson, making the score 1-1.

With help from Kell Beattie, Callum Boyd scored the team’s second goal of the match to give the Sharks the lead in the Shark Tank. The Sharks were clicking at this point. Carry on feeling encouraged by the first two goals. The Sharks scored the third, with Nolan Gardiner scoring on a powerplay and Olivier Arseneau providing the assist.

The Wildcats called a timeout and were rewarded as they got their second of the game, with Aaron Nell scoring from an assist by Tomasz Malasinski.

Wildcats powerplay way into the lead!!

An early powerplay for the Wildcats allowed some pressure on Curtis Warburton’s net, which resulted in an equalising goal with Aaron Nell to make it 3-3.

The Wildcats proceeded on the powerplay once again and were able to grab the lead with a goal from Russell Cowley, who was assisted by Aaron Nell, to get a fourth goal. Another quick goal, and the Wildcats had their fifth of the night, this time from Colby Tower.

Wildcats secure four point weekend at the Shark Tank.

Both teams created chances and looked for the next goal, but it was the Wildcats who got goal number six as Russell Cowley got his second of the evening. As the third period entered the halfway point, the Sharks continued to have chances but were unable to score.

Being on the powerplay and having a 5 on 3 advantage allowed the Sharks to score their fourth goal of the night. With an assist from Kell Beattie and John Dunbar, Craig Peacock scored the goal.

As the Sharks had two players in the box in the last stages of the third period, Tomasz Malasinski scored goal number seven for the Wildcats.

The Sharks were hunting for a consolation goal on the powerplay in the final stages of the game and managed to earn goal number five with a goal for John Dunbar.

Sharks MoM РOlivier Arseneau 

Wildcats MoM – Tomasz Malasinski